The Cast

Our Buble' - Josh Hindle

Josh has worked on the entertainment scene for the past 10 years and have been profesionally singing all over the world at weddings and functions with many different bands and musicians for the past 10 years. His love has always been swing and jazz music and is as you would expect , a huge fan of Michael Buble’ and as a result as perfect his voice that wow audiences today. 

Musical director - Tom Thorpe

Tom has worked with many bands and musicians for a very long time gaining an excellent reputation as MD and band leader. Tom also played the flute and saxaphone on the show.

Nick Murphy - Guitar

Nick regularly plays in some of the UK’s best function and wedding bands including The Cave. He is a very experienced guitar player and travels around the UK playing at weddings and large corporate events.

Joseph Nickson - Bass

Joseph plays bass for many UK musicals professionally. He also is one of the most talented freelance bass players in the North West and is often performing Jazz and Swing music around the country.

Mike Partridge - Drums

Mike is a very talented drum player and has been playing for most of his life. His plays for bands for many different occassions all over the UK.

Alex & Daniel - Horn section

Alex and Daniel and very talented musicians who have a vast amount of experience of this genre after performing swing and jazz music for most of their playing career so are at the top of their game. They provide the ultimate buble’ sound during the show.

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